Hi, I’m Kasarachi

Kasarachi Innocent is a peculiar preacher of the gospel, a trained communicator, broadcaster, teacher and motivational speaker made by grace. He is producer-presenter of StandingTall on Radio, a motivational programme which airs on Family Love, 97.7 FM, Port Harcourt, every Wednesday morning. He speaks at churches, schools, youth meetings and skills acquisition seminars.

Kasarachi is the founder and CEO, StandingTall Foundation (which caters to the needs of the challenged and less privileged) and StandingTall Books (a publishing outfit which also organizes creative writing and public-speaking seminars for budding writers and speakers). He is also editorial consultant to several publishing outfits, churches and youth magazines.

Kasarachi who is physically-challenged holds a B.A (1 st Class) in Mass Communication from University of Nigeria, Nsukka and, an M.A (Distinction) and a doctorate (og) in Communication Studies from University of Port Harcourt, which course he also teaches at the same university.

Kasarachi is happily married to his friend, sister and co-visioner, Gift, and from the union came Neme, Nanu, Sochi and Kosi.


  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Creative writing practical training
  • Public speaking techniques training
  • Content, copy-editing & publishing







Why Listen To Kasarachi?


True happiness is nothing but harmony between a man and the life he lives. Your happiness arrives, the moment you balance your purpose, means and direction. No one owns or earns happiness; it is living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

True happiness is self-made, not circumstance, environment or status-dependent. If your greatest heart desire is to make others happy, there’s no way you can escape your own medicine.

How do you start? You are at the right place!


To fulfil potential is to find purpose. And to find purpose is to choose what to stand for. Purpose determines our final destination and how we react to challenges. Without purpose, we will only follow and never lead. Without purpose, we will live without courage; a life of fear. Without purpose, we swim with the tide and end with the crowd, most times, on the wrong shores. Find purpose, fulfil potential. Listen to Kasarachi, and you will surely find purpose.


Chances or opportunities are openings created by circumstances. One’s circumstances! That is, in every person’s circumstance is an opening, a chance. We all expect a giant chance someday. But every giant chance would begin at a point, and then enlarge. A great chance is a combination of smaller chances. Don’t wait for the huge chance, recognize, create and maximize the little daily everyday chances. If you can’t take the giant leap to that great breakthrough, begin to jump the very short leaps as your legs can carry you for now. How do you take the first jump? Let us show you.


Life is not all speed. And it’s not all focus, neglecting speed, too! We must balance patience with action. In patience, we must initiate some form of action, and sustain it too. We must create a balance between speed and focus; between patience and action. We must not be desperate. We must wait for our time, and dreams to come true. But while waiting, we must do things that will fasten their coming true. To achieve balance, do what you know is right, focus on yourself at all times, but remember: we only live when we live for others.